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Rapyuta Robotics :
Autonomous Mobile Robots

Making flexible and self-serviced robots accessible, Rapyuta Robotics envisions the future of cloud-connected robots, and N-iX Game & VR Studio’s engineers help to make it happen.

Autonomous Robots
Rapyuta Robotics
Unreal Engine

About the Project

Rapyuta Robotics developed a multi-robot technology solution that increases the pick operation’s productivity by cutting down on worker walking distances and reducing inefficiencies. The autonomous mobile robots carry out orders while collaborating with the staff via an easy-to-use interface that indicates what to pick and where to go next.

The key highlights of this innovative solution are:

  • Easy installation with no layout changes.
  • Employee training in less than an hour.
  • Increase your warehouse picking productivity by 2x or more.
  • 25% Reduced picking time.
  • Top market share of Japanese picking assist robots in 2022.

Development Process

N-iX Game & VR Studio was working Pick Assist Autonomous Mobile Robot (PA-AMR) and other robots. Our task was to make robots move using ROS2 (robot operating system) commands from a separate terminal. Through a trial and error process, we were able to deliver the following results:

  • Added the possibility to automatically update ROS2 Unreal plugin libraries (the plugin that helps to connect dynamically spawned robots to ROS2), and made them interact with ROS2 'foxy' version and other next versions).
  • Got familiar with and understand Rapyuta’s prototyped code to be able to bugfix and develop from there.
  • Fixed the possibility of debugging via IDE.
  • Fixed internal error in third-party ROS2 connected with dependency on the library path.
  • Fixed the display of dynamically spawned assets inside the editor. 
  • Designed actuatable joint and movement components of the robots in UE, including running axles and wheels.

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