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Vector Suite :
3D design solution for VR

Vector Suite is a 3D-modeling software built for VR and used by McLaren Automotive designers to create car concepts and designs.

Vector Suite


Vector Suite is an immersive VR solution for creative and industrial 3D designers built by our UK-based partners, Goggle Collective. N-iX Game & VR Studio is helping their current team to polish some aspects of the existing product and add several new modules, including design review mode, voice messages, UI upgrade, etc.


With a VR headset on and controllers at hand, the Vector Suite app allows artists to bring in the engine, radiator position, vision lines, etc., and easily start sketching car design over the top of it — all in a VR environment. Designers can immediately transform their sketches into 3D models, and switch back and forth from 2D to 3D, saving a whole lot of time.

Vector Suite is accessible to all designers without the requirement of learning new technical processes. After the first 10-15 minutes of using and interacting with the software, a designer can already relax into it.

Goggle Collective are currently cooperating with McLaren, and Mark Roberts, McLaren Automotive’s Head of Design Operations, feels very excited about this technology. He stated that they’ve already implemented VR technologies in their work process, but this software appeared to be game-changing. In 5-6 minutes a designer can create a volume model of a new car, while normally it would take two weeks of sketches and a week for the modeler to transform 2D into 3D.


Here are three substantial benefits that the Vector Suite VR solution brings to a modern manufacturing process:

Time reduction: Sketching in VR allows for sketches to be designed, reviewed, and edited more quickly than traditional methods. Creating full, 3D concept models in a matter of days rather than weeks.

Cost reduction: Designs in VR can be viewed immersively in VR or AR, this can eliminate the requirement for design teams to create physical models of designs.

Excelled designs: Vector Suite is accessible for design collaboration and impromptu editing of designs from local and remote locations, allowing designers to be more innovative, unlocking the full potential of designs.

Moreover, with the help of Vector Suite, McLaren is expected to increase the number of cars it produces per year from 4 thousand to 6 thousand in 2025.

As our cooperation with Goggle Collective continues, N-iX Game & VR Studio is delighted to be a part of this project and shape the future of VR technology in the manufacturing industry.


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