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The Bazaar

Tempo Storm, a US-based development studio, has partnered with N-iX Game & VR Studio to support development for their very own digital strategy game, The Bazaar.

Game Development Support
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Clients Say

  • We have been working closely with N-iX for a couple of years now, on multiple projects. N-iX are quick, they're reliable and receptive to the feedback we may have. We are happy with the quality of their work, and the communication with the management and leadership has made our everyday work and collaboration easier.

    Anton Wittberg
    Art Producer

  • N-iX helped us design tank skins for holidays and gaming events. The work was challenging yet fun. All the tasks required full immersion into the creative process and multiple sketches. We’d like to say a special thank you for the support of the ‘War Child Armistice 2018’ charity event. The camo skins created by N-iX artists enabled us to raise money for 1290 children affected by the military conflict.

    Yury Rohach
    Outsourcing Manager

  • Partnering with N-iX has been one of the best decisions we've ever made as a company. They've repeatedly shown themselves to be skilled, responsive, fast, and flexible.

    Andrey Yanyuk
    CEO Tempo Storm

  • We did our homework before picking N-iX as our game dev and art partner, and we got exactly what we hoped to find. Their team is professional, prompt and are in daily communication but more importantly they are enthusiastic, love the project, seek creative solutions and go above and beyond to help us envision, design and produce amazing gaming experiences. We are looking forward to many more projects together!

    Andrew Trese
    Creative Director

  • We have worked with N-iX on art asset and production support for quite a few projects and are very happy with the value, service and quality they provide. Communication and feedback are fluid and they are willing to flex when we need them to. They have been an important ingredient in our ability to meet our client needs.

    Jean Kaptur

  • Sports VTS turned to N-iX when we were looking for a firm that could handle the development and implementation of “cutting edge” elements in Virtual Reality and Simulation Training. They haven’t disappointed. The quality of the work and attention.

    Ted Sundquist

  • N-iX’s experience with application design and build has made them a valued partner. In addition to technical proficiency in both front and back end development, they are reliable, very professional and work hard to meet our deadlines – enabling us to make headways on our key initiatives.

    Anna Oandasan
    Program Director

  • N-iX has been a staunch partner for DECA from game transition to feature development and continues to be pivotal for us in continuing the success of Gods and Glory.

    Chris O'Kelly
    Executive Producer & Head of Partnerships

  • We worked with N-iX for almost a year and have found them to be reliable, competent, and very talented. Feedbacks were met with efficiency, and it was a pleasure to exchange with them daily. We had a great time operating with them and won't hesitate to work with them in the future!

    Lena Couty
    Junior Producer

  • In N-iX we found the excellence and top competence required to build our ad tech platform for the media of tomorrow. On top of that we have integrated with the team on levels required to not only develop state-of-art technology, but having fun while doing it.

    Niklas Bakos

  • Flexible, extremely professional, and reasonably priced. N-iX team really went the extra mile to understand our game and deliver top work while respecting our budgetary needs. Wonderful to work with and very much want to do so again. Can’t recommend them enough!

    Esteban Jose Salazar
    VP of Business Development & Production


business models


For larger long-term projects we propose the most cost-efficient approach, thorough team assembly, seamless integration, and leadership support.

Daily & Hourly Rates

Flexible Time & Material cooperation model, whether it's a small artwork scope or development support for a limited time period.

Fixed Price

If you have complete design, user experience specifications, and guidelines, the predictable and reliable Fixed Price model might just be right for you.

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Who we are

N-iX Game & VR Studio started out as a separate unit of N-iX in 2012. Currently, our studio has over 240 passionate game development professionals, as a part of a 1700+ people company, and is focused on providing services to our clients, that includes 2D/3D Art Production, Animation & Motion Capture clean-up, Co-development & Full-Cycle Game Development, and VR & Metaverse Solutions Design.

210+ Professionals

Our big team can handle projects with any level of complexity.

11 Years of Experience

A wealth of experience makes the development fast and high-quality.

80+ Delivered Projects

We know how to find the right approach to every new customer.

Enterprise Solutions

We are part of a big software development company, N-iX. We seamlessly integrate complex enterprise solutions to our workflow as well as provide specialist support.

Multi-Platform Solutions

We know markets and platforms and how to make successful games for any of them, starting with PC and Console and ending with Mobile.

Experts in Game Engines

N-iX has certified Unity developers, experts in Unreal and other proprietary engines. We specialize in developing and maintaining AAA-level games and experiences.

Our history


Sharing Knowledge

We opened an Unreal Engine training course, and the studying is in full swing now. Each month, a dozen of new students graduate from our program. Some have even received offers to join our crew as Unreal Engine developers. We are continuously improving our training programs and planning to expand our offerings even further.



When the war broke out, N-iX acted swiftly to ensure the safety of our team members and their families, relocating them to safe regions. We quickly resumed full-fledged work and over the year, N-iX contributed $1.8 million, 50+ Starlinks, and 35+ cars to Ukraine's fight for Independence.
In September, our Studio received $100,000 Epic MegaGrant and decided to establish an Unreal Engine training center for aspiring developers in Ukraine.



N-iX Game & VR Studio has grown by 50% this year – now we’re a team of 240+ specialists.
In 2021, we launched a new website and broadened the scope of our services with blockchain, metaverse, and cloud solutions development. Our studio started cooperation with Supermassive Games and signed an agreement with National University “Lviv Polytechnic” to run an Unreal Engine course for students.



Despite the challenges of 2020, we had a successful and eventful year. We delivered a big mobile project for Wargaming and kicked off with Vector Suite, Crazy Labs, and Deca Games.
We opened a new office, switched to remote work, and vastly expanded our team. Today, our studio holds more than 120 people!



Started working with Trese Brothers on Cyber Knights: Flashpoint and helped them with the Kickstarter campaign. We cooperated with C4X Discovery and PIXO VR and continue doing so to this day.
Our studio became a sponsor of Games Gathering conference, a huge gaming event in Ukraine.



2018 was about big projects and new partnerships. We started working on Wargaming’s World of Tanks and created many unique tank styles; together with Woodbine Entertainment, we built the first-of-its-kind horse betting app; partnered with Tempo Storm to develop their deck-building game, the Bazaar.



We delivered more than 50 projects and presented our Studio at GDC and Game Connection. Expanded our VR expertise to location-based VR Arcades with the integration of custom-made hardware, and started building Adverty - a Mixed Reality and mobile ad platform for seamless ads.
Started long-lasting cooperation with Paradox Interactive to work on their expansion for Stellaris.



N-iX Game & VR Studio is over 25 people! We successfully delivered two big turnkey mobile projects, started over 15 new projects together with our partners, including a breakthrough VR Quarterback simulator.
We also finally set up an Optitrack-based Motion Capture room at Lviv Headquarters.



Finally, fully formed as a unit within N-iX, our studio started service provision as a co-development team. We successfully delivered a bunch of projects to our first clients.
In addition, we established a VR direction as a part of the game development department’s R&D.



Elements: Epic Heroes was launched in cooperation with Korean publisher Gamevil. The game got featured on Play Store and App Store, generated over 3 million downloads, and won the title of “Best game in South Korea of 2014”. Post-release updates in development.



Part of the team worked on a 2D mobile runner-game that was presented and praised at the Casual Connect Kyiv conference. Later that year, we started the development of Elements: Epic Heroes - a huge action/RPG with unique online mechanics. We were around 15 people back then.



N-iX, a leading Eastern European software development company, has started investing in game development and production. Enthusiastic and passionate, we are looking forward to making our own products! Our initial idea was to make innovative geo-location mobile games and we began prototyping in that direction.

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