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Art Direction

Authentic and compelling visual stories for your game successfully brought to life.



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Art Direction is a set of styles aligned into one visual concept, created based on detailed research. This set covers all aspects of a game’s visual identity — from locations and characters, sketches, and coloring to animations, special effects, and small details like interface elements and fonts.

Through the Art Direction, creators convey a game’s overall look & feel, such as dynamics and aggressiveness, comfort and peace, horror, etc. At N-iX Game & VR Studio, we love games with well-thought-out Art Direction. Such games always stand out from the rest. Having strong experience gained in dozens of projects for our clients we are ready to breathe life into your IP, making it fresh and memorable. Benefit from our creative power to build an outstanding game!

Engage Your Audience

Adding Art Direction can take your game development project to a different planet by creating a unique visual identity that perfectly connects with the expectations of your target audience. We have the talent and experience to develop a concept that will help you achieve these goals for your game.

Bring in talent

Our artists are in constant creative search for new ideas, improving their skills by working on internal projects. We are ready to take a deep dive into your game IP and visually transform it into the perfect blend of aesthetics, fun, and story, that will evoke a wide range of player experiences.

Secure Production

Once a visual concept is out on the table and approved, a skilled team of artists led by the Art Director starts to execute each detail in the Art Direction system. They run a project through all phases — from pre-production to final execution, ensuring style and visual consistency.


End-to-End Art Direction Service

We will be happy to join your game development project and enforce it with our Art Direction expertise, align your idea with the expectations of a target audience, making the whole user experience incredibly visually immersive. We’ll also take care of all the rest — ensure a consistent art style and vision, set out in an Art Book and then translated into a game.

Art Director’s Supervision

We can help you with art supervision at any stage of your game development project. Whether it’s a revision of the existing visual concept, scaling up, or outsourcing art content production that needs creative guidance, we are ready to come up with the ideas that benefit your project.

The Last Molfar

The Last Molfar is a concept of a story-driven game based on Ukrainian folklore and mythology. Our goal was to step back from the stereotypical image of Сossacks, creating a memorable interpretation. Delivered assets:

  • Askold – a Сossack and apprentice of molfars. Can manipulate the opponent’s blood after inflicting a flesh wound.
  • Wyrlook – an evil spirit that possesses and corrupts human bodies. Is an enemy of Askold; starts gloving in rage when fighting him.
  • The abode of molfars and various spirits that reside there.
  • A set of bizarre creatures from Ukrainian mythology.

CBRG was an internal challenge to develop a full-cycle art project in the near-future setting, where advanced technologies organically integrate into human life. The soldier is equipped with a flexible exoskeleton, drone, and screen helmet, which make him well-suited for intelligence service. Delivered assets:

  • Concept art of the Futuristic Soldier character.
  • His weapon arsenal: a rifle, pistol, drone, and grenade.
  • Realistic 3D model with rigged and animated moveset.
  • Concept of the UI for the main screen, animation, and logo.
  • Promo art with dynamic composition and multiple figures.
Cyber Knights

Cyber Knights is a top-down game set in the dystopian future of 2231. The art direction for this project revolved around creating the art style that corresponds to a futuristic, neon-soaked cyberpunk setting. Project :

  • Semi-realistic style with angled and hard edges.
  • Two body types and a diverse set of outfits and character face customization. 100 faces created based on photos of Kickstarter’s backers.
  • Various weapon types: guns, cyber-animals, and drones, plus weapon modification.
  • Environment shots with concepts of elements of the surrounding that facilitate new game levels creation.



General requirements defining, creative exploration, and mood boards creation

Approach to
Target Audience

Creating a visual concept that supports and conveys the mood of the game and resonates with audience


Refinement of the game look and feel in accordance with the game design and mechanics

Plan &

Defining a final set of styles and ensuring creative consistency in each stage of art production delivery


Ideas Viability

The visual part of the game is crucial, yet it exists to support and elaborate on other parts — plot, mechanics, and game design to ensure the player will have an exciting journey. Our creative decisions are backed up by the whole game development team:

  • Art Directors who develop inspiring concepts and guide the vision.
  • Team of 120+ artists to execute the concept and secure production.
  • Game Designers to test ideas in terms of the gameplay experience.

Creative Diversity

Working on video game Art Direction, we create particular moods, atmospheres, and emotions united into one visual concept. Experience and talent make this concept a success. We are ready to raise the bar and impress you with bold creative ideas.

  • Strong experience in creating games from scratch & reimagined existing IPs.
  • Cover most popular game genres from Strategy, Shooters, and MMO to NFT Battle Arenas, VR Simulators, and more.

Strong Management

Consistently implementing Art Direction into a game is the most challenging part. Whether it is an End-to-End Art Direction Service or Art Director’s Supervision, we are fully committed to delivering you an excellent service. You get:

  • Full overview of the production pipeline, team configuration, and budget.
  • Highest project management standards and strong internal QA.

Get in touch

Let’s start with an in-depth analysis of your idea and a high-level quote and project plan for your project. Once we smoothen all the rough edges we can proceed to the complete design, development, and production of your game, followed by release and post-release support.

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