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AI Art Service

Environment, Character Portraits & Skins

Vision Statement
At N-iX Game & VR Studio, we hold a firm belief that AI is a powerful technology that should complement and empower specialists, aiding them in the creation of exceptional works while preserving space for creativity and individuality. We also uphold the fundamental importance of intellectual rights, recognizing that AI-generated art should never be regarded as a final product but rather as a foundation that requires human editing and expertise.

Advantages That AI Offers

Up to 60% Time-Cost Reduction

AI technology has the remarkable capability to deliver substantial time and cost savings, benefiting both artists and our customers. The extent of these savings, however, varies depending on the complexity of the art being created. For instance, while some very specific queries and dynamic compositions may still require a significant human touch, AI truly excels in the generation of item skins, portraits, landscapes, icons, etc., reducing an artist’s workload by up to 60%.

Fast Concepting and Unlimited Variation

AI algorithms have the capacity to generate an infinite number of variations, bestowing artists with access to a virtually boundless wellspring of creative inspiration. This infinite variation opens new horizons for artistic exploration and ideation, allowing one to quickly create and change concepts, moods, and ambiance of artworks.



Our team has conducted extensive research to identify the most efficient ways to integrate AI into the art production pipeline. We have analyzed where this technology truly shines and where it may have limitations. Here is a breakdown of our services categorized by efficiency, highlighting where AI proves to be most and least effective:

High Efficiency

  • Landscape Generation
  • Human Portraits
  • Item Skins

Medium Efficiency

  • Environment Concept Art
  • Icons
  • Illustrations


of AI Technology

  • Helps to generate ideas and references for shapes, colors, lighting, and shadows.
  • Inspires dynamic pose ideas.
  • Offers quick variations of environments, angles, and details.
  • Provides different background variants for scenes.
  • Allows altering moods and atmospheres.
  • Generates non-specific character portraits.
  • Creates costume details and equipment concepts.

of AI Technology

  • We should not imitate a particular artist or author’s style due to legal issues.
  • Using AI-generated art as a final work; human touch is always essential, both for legal and aesthetic reasons.
  • AI cannot put existing characters in dynamic poses and ‘animate’ them.
  • AI capabilities are limited when generating images for highly specific queries involving particular characters in specific clothing, performing specific actions.

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Let’s start with an in-depth analysis of your idea and a high-level quote and project plan for your project. Once we smoothen all the rough edges we can proceed to the complete design, development, and production of your game, followed by release and post-release support.

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    What role does AI play in art production?
    AI plays a complementary role in our game art production process. It’s a great tool for generating ideas and quickly exploring different concepts, moods, and atmospheres. However, it's important to note that intricate compositions and fine-tuned details may still require substantial human input to achieve the highest level of artistic quality.
    Can we use AI-generated artwork as a final product?
    No. A work of art created by artificial intelligence without any human input cannot be copyrighted. Human editing and expertise are essential to ensure the legal security of your game’s assets. Moreover, most AI art seems good only under superficial observation and gets more and more messed up when you look closer. It always needs a touch of an expert who will polish the inconsistencies and improve the aesthetics.
    What AI software do we use?
    Our team is well-versed in various popular AI-powered tools and software designed specifically for 2D game art creation. We will craft complex prompts tailored to generate art pieces that align with your vision and project requirements. This ensures that we harness the full potential of AI to deliver stunning, custom-made game art.