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Delivering game ports that feel native on different platforms.

Game Porting

Providing the possibility of a single gaming experience for the player on different platforms has become a standard in the gaming industry in recent years. Game porting allows developers to access a wider audience of players, popularize a game across different regions of the world where platform preferences vary, increase revenue, and also provide players with more flexibility.

At N-iX Game & VR Studio, we too believe that a single gaming experience across platforms is the way of modern gaming. We are talking not only about multi-platforming but also cross-platforming. This includes the ability to play co-op from different platforms, cross-saves to transfer your game progress to another device, etc. To promote accessible games and make gaming more inclusive for people with different platform preferences, our Studio offers comprehensive porting services. Our goal is to produce games that feel native on whichever device you play it.

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If you don’t have the tech expertise in-house to transfer your game to another platform or want to focus your resources on creating more content, rather than handling the porting process, our expert team has got you covered. Take a look at the list of our game porting services:

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Game Porting Cooperation Process

We follow a transparent cooperation approach that maximizes your comfort and ensures a quick and effective start of the project:

  • 1 st Drop us a line on the contact page or in the form below. We’ll also be happy to hear from you via our email
  • 2 nd We will promptly get back to you and provide a mutual non-disclosure agreement, as well as a questionnaire considering your porting project.
  • 3 rd To get a good idea of objectives and scope we’ll take a peek under the game’s hood and conduct a thorough evaluation.
  • 4 th Soon after checking the build, our Technical Director will prepare a technical assessment of the project and we’ll get back to you with a quote.
  • 5 th Once we agreed, we’ll start managing the contractual and team integration. Our specialists will align with your company’s procedures: use the communication channels you are comfortable with, follow project management approaches, etc. Alternatively, we can share with you our best practices and methodologies developed and improved over more than 10 years in the game development industry.
  • 6 th From now on, we are one team working on a common goal, taking responsibility for the project’s success. On our part, we guarantee effective communication and timely, high-quality deliverables along the development process.
  • 1-2 WEEKS

  • 90+

  • 10 YEARS


Meet our team

We are an international team of 240+ game developers and avid gamers. N-iX Game & VR Studio started its gamedev journey back in 2012 and today, we delivered more than 80 projects, including many indie gems and AAA-level behemoths.

Our clients are Supermassive Games, Paradox Interactive, CI Games, Tempo Storm, and dozens of other great teams. Apart from game porting, we provide an array of game development services, such as full-cycle development and technical direction, art production and art direction, VR and cloud solutions, QA testing, and many more.


What We Offer

Large Team with Diverse Specialists

Porting is not just transferring a game to another format, but a complex multi-level process. It is supported by a whole team of developers, game designers, artists, and other professionals. Our team consists of 240+ diverse specialists that offer an array of gamedev services. We’ll pick the perfect team composition that would facilitate your game’s porting process. In addition, we have a department of skilled recruiters and utilize a robust 5-step hiring process, which allows us to access a vast talent pool of specialists and quickly scale, depending on our needs.

Development Kits and Certifications

Our Studio is an official partner of Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. The console development kits provided through the partnership programs allow us to offer high-quality game porting services to our clients. N-iX is also Advanced Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network. We have all the required skills to create and manage your project on the Cloud and make it accessible to millions of gamers.

Effective Development Methodologies

The management approaches used by N-iX Game & VR Studio are versatile, and our staff members are well-versed in Waterfall, Agile, Kanban, Scrum, etc. Based on your demands, our specialists will put their experience to use to improve your operations or smoothly adapt to the current operating procedures in your business.


Let’s start with an in-depth analysis of your idea and a high-level quote and project plan for your project. Once we smoothen all the rough edges we can proceed to the complete design, development, and production of your game, followed by release and post-release support.

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    What is porting a game?
    Porting a game implies taking a game that was originally designed for one platform and adapting it to another. This can involve making changes to the game's code, graphics, sound, and other elements to make it compatible with the new platform. It can also involve changing the user interface or adding features that are specific to the new platform. By porting games, developers are able to reach more players and potentially increase their profits.
    How much does game porting cost?
    Game porting costs vary depending on the complexity of the game, the platforms being ported to, and other factors individual to each case. To get a clearer understanding of the approximate budget, we sign an NDA and our specialists take a look under your project’s hood, estimating technical challenges. After this, our Technical Direction will be able to make an evaluation and we’ll inform you about the game porting cost.
    Why outsource game porting?
    By outsourcing game porting, developers can free up their resources and focus on developing new games or optimizing existing ones. It also allows them to leverage the expertise of experienced professionals who have the specialized knowledge and technical skills required to successfully port a game. Outsourcing also helps developers save time and money by allowing them to access a larger pool of talent in a short amount of time, as well as reduce the cost associated with maintaining an in-house team. Furthermore, outsourcing game porting services can help developers reach new markets quickly, as they don’t have to spend time learning how to develop for different platforms. Ultimately, outsourcing game porting can be beneficial for both established and up-and-coming developers alike.
    How does porting a game to another engine work?
    Porting a game from one engine to another requires a deep understanding of both the source and target engines, as well as the game itself. It involves careful planning, testing, and debugging to ensure that the game runs smoothly on the new engine. In order to port a game, developers must first analyze both engines and determine which features are compatible. They then need to identify any potential issues that may arise when porting the game, such as performance or compatibility issues. Once these have been addressed, they can move assets from one engine to another and ensure everything works correctly in the new environment.
    Why consider porting games to Switch?
    With the launch of the Nintendo Switch, porting games to this platform has become a major focus for game developers. As of the end of 2022, Switch is the second best-selling console after PS4, and the top console when it comes to coop games. Porting games to Switch requires careful consideration of various factors such as hardware capabilities, user interface design, and game mechanics. It is a challenging but rewarding process that can expand your reach and make your game available on one of the most popular gaming platforms in the world.