N-iX Game & VR Studio team unites bright talent who are passionate about the games and strive to create exceptional products with our partners.

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210+ Professionals
Our big team can handle projects with any level of complexity.
10 Years of Experience
A wealth of experience makes the development fast and high-quality.
8+ Service lines
We have creative & tech experts in all areas of game dev, including VR.
Strategic gurus
Daniel Poludyonny
Head of Game & VR Studio
Daniel has almost 20 years of experience in the game dev as a Game Designer, Producer, Founder, and now Head of N-iX Game & VR Studio. Daniel oversees Studio’s business strategy, supervises service delivery, & actively contributes to customer relations.
Oleksiy Holovakhin
Executive Producer
Oleksiy is a seasoned Team Management and Finance professional. He collaborates with external stakeholders and takes care of risk mitigation to keep a perfect balance between time, quality, and budget.
Sergii Gotsman
Executive Producer
Sergii has a track record in game dev product management, focused on Games-as-a-Service, Mobile Games, and Games Marketing. He owns the day-to-day project management process, ensuring that milestones are delivered on time with the highest possible quality.
Ulysse Sauvage
Executive Producer
Ulysse is a project management expert with experience living in 5 countries and over 10 years of IT management. Ulysse supports projects bridging the gap between technical and art teams and business stakeholders throughout project lifecycles.
Ostap Osipenko
Business Development Manager
Ostap is a passionate professional, who helps Studio establish and maintain positive long-term business relationships with clients. Results-oriented and enthusiastic personality with a drive to achieve.
Veronika Chebotarova
Head of Marketing
Veronika is a Brand and Marketing professional, with 10 years of experience in the field, 4 of them in the gaming industry. Veronika is responsible for planning and executing Studio's marketing strategy.
Iana Vengerova
Art Director
Iana started her 2D Artist career in 2014, and today, she’s leading a team of exceptional artists, ensuring style consistency and visual excellence across our projects. Projects: Stellaris, Hearts of Iron IV, Europa Universalis IV by Paradox, Cyber Knights: Flashpoint.
Vitalii Shevchenko
Lead 3D Artist
As a Lead 3D artist, Vitalii is responsible for teamwork within the 3D team and boosting its performance with his expertise. He’s responsible for pipeline management, and art creation, utilizing his profound art skills and engineering intuition to deliver high-complexity 3D assets.
Dmytro Bikus
Lead 3D Artist
Dmytro is leading our 3D team to create high-quality game art. He applies his years-long expertise to set up art pipelines, manage team performance, and provide mentorship for other artists. Projects: Victoria 3, Stellaris, Crusader Kings 3 (Paradox), The Dark Pictures Anthology.
Olena Shpit
Lead 2D Artist
With over 9+ years of 2D art creation and leadership experience, Olena is a seasoned Lead 2D Artist with a focus on stylized graphics. She directs the visual development of our projects, ensuring a cohesive style.
Vita Shapovalenko
Lead 2D Artist
Vita seamlessly blends 6+ years of game development expertise with a diverse artistic background as a theater stage designer, traditional painter and academic drawing educator. Her creative touch enhances the team's visual narratives for our partners at Paradox Interactive & Wargaming.
Vlad Muntian
Lead Game Designer
Vlad is leader and vision holder of Game Design department. He is a versatile expert with 10+ years of experience in game design, development, world-building, and creative direction. Vlad is a true passionate gamer.
Maksym Baranovskyi
Unity Team Lead
Maksym works with dynamic, cross-functional teams, implementing project requirements and bringing his own technical expertise in Unity, optimization, multiplayer games, etc. He effectively guides Studio’s projects from pre-production through to successful launch or post-launch.
Dmytro Diachenko
Unreal Engine Technical Director
With more than 10 years as a game programmer, Dmytro is an expert when it comes to Unity and Unreal Engine development. He can effectively lead the team and make technology and architecture decisions for fast prototyping and a successful future product.
Oleksii Zabolotnyi
Game Producer
Oleksii partners closely with internal cross-functional teams and Studio clients to conceptualize, specify, and implement product features & content. He’s responsible for project delivery, effective communication, and accumulating project knowledge.
Oleksandr Golovakhin
Game Producer
Oleksandr is an experienced Game Producer and Game Designer who possesses a deep understanding of VR/AR technologies. With strong leadership and problem-solving skills, he is efficient in establishing and maintaining well-run production processes.
Anastasiia Antoshko
Game Producer
With strong project management and communication skills, Anastasiia is responsible for managing the production schedule, coordinating between departments, and allocating resources. Currently, she works closely with our partners from Paradox and Wargaming.
Anatolii Samson
Game Producer
An experienced 3D Artist, Project Manager, and now Game Producer, Anatolii is responsible for overseeing the development of the projects from start to finish. Anatolii masters budgets, plans, and delivery, but his main goal is product success.
Ruslan Murha
Game Producer
Ruslan’s responsibilities include team management of programmers, 3D modelers, and QA specialists. He works closely with all stakeholders, ensuring that projects are on track and the deadlines are met to deliver high-quality VR products.
Oleksandr Seliutin
Game Producer
With over 20 years of experience in marketing, business strategy, and team management, Oleksandr plays an integral role in shaping our company's vision, contributing to customer relations, and spearheading our Unreal Engine training direction.
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Our history


Sharing Knowledge

We opened an Unreal Engine training course, and the studying is in full swing now. Each month, a dozen of new students graduate from our program. Some have even received offers to join our crew as Unreal Engine developers. We are continuously improving our training programs and planning to expand our offerings even further.



When the war broke out, N-iX acted swiftly to ensure the safety of our team members and their families, relocating them to safe regions. We quickly resumed full-fledged work and over the year, N-iX contributed $1.8 million, 50+ Starlinks, and 35+ cars to Ukraine's fight for Independence.
In September, our Studio received $100,000 Epic MegaGrant and decided to establish an Unreal Engine training center for aspiring developers in Ukraine.



N-iX Game & VR Studio has grown by 50% this year – now we’re a team of 240+ specialists.
In 2021, we launched a new website and broadened the scope of our services with blockchain, metaverse, and cloud solutions development. Our studio started cooperation with Supermassive Games and signed an agreement with National University “Lviv Polytechnic” to run an Unreal Engine course for students.



Despite the challenges of 2020, we had a successful and eventful year. We delivered a big mobile project for Wargaming and kicked off with Vector Suite, Crazy Labs, and Deca Games.
We opened a new office, switched to remote work, and vastly expanded our team. Today, our studio holds more than 120 people!



Started working with Trese Brothers on Cyber Knights: Flashpoint and helped them with the Kickstarter campaign. We cooperated with C4X Discovery and PIXO VR and continue doing so to this day.
Our studio became a sponsor of Games Gathering conference, a huge gaming event in Ukraine.



2018 was about big projects and new partnerships. We started working on Wargaming’s World of Tanks and created many unique tank styles; together with Woodbine Entertainment, we built the first-of-its-kind horse betting app; partnered with Tempo Storm to develop their deck-building game, the Bazaar.



We delivered more than 50 projects and presented our Studio at GDC and Game Connection. Expanded our VR expertise to location-based VR Arcades with the integration of custom-made hardware, and started building Adverty - a Mixed Reality and mobile ad platform for seamless ads.
Started long-lasting cooperation with Paradox Interactive to work on their expansion for Stellaris.



N-iX Game & VR Studio is over 25 people! We successfully delivered two big turnkey mobile projects, started over 15 new projects together with our partners, including a breakthrough VR Quarterback simulator.
We also finally set up an Optitrack-based Motion Capture room at Lviv Headquarters.



Finally, fully formed as a unit within N-iX, our studio started service provision as a co-development team. We successfully delivered a bunch of projects to our first clients.
In addition, we established a VR direction as a part of the game development department’s R&D.



Elements: Epic Heroes was launched in cooperation with Korean publisher Gamevil. The game got featured on Play Store and App Store, generated over 3 million downloads, and won the title of “Best game in South Korea of 2014”. Post-release updates in development.



Part of the team worked on a 2D mobile runner-game that was presented and praised at the Casual Connect Kyiv conference. Later that year, we started the development of Elements: Epic Heroes - a huge action/RPG with unique online mechanics. We were around 15 people back then.



N-iX, a leading Eastern European software development company, has started investing in game development and production. Enthusiastic and passionate, we are looking forward to making our own products! Our initial idea was to make innovative geo-location mobile games and we began prototyping in that direction.


Daniel Poludyonny Head of Game & VR Studio

N-iX Game & VR Studio is focused on building long-lasting relationships with our partners. We are willing to become an integral part of your project and be as responsible for the final result as you are. To share both challenges and victories.

Our flat organizational structure allows for faster decision-making, so the company can quickly adapt to the ever-changing market. We can support you with pioneering entrepreneurship and years of industry expertise during all stages of your project and beyond.


Let’s start with an in-depth analysis of your idea and a high-level quote and project plan for your project. Once we smoothen all the rough edges we can proceed to the complete design, development, and production of your game, followed by release and post-release support.

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