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Once Upon A Blast is an exciting gem blasting game that incorporates role-playing and base-building elements. N-iX Game & VR Studio was pleased to contribute to this project with our art production and animation services.

Art Production
Crazy Labs


Our client, Crazy Labs, is a top 10 mobile games publisher and with over 3 billion downloads to date, which indisputably makes them a worldwide leader in casual games development. They reached out to N-iX with the idea of creating a match-three puzzle game with a unique art style. Our team was responsible for art production during early stages of development and later for animations.


N-iX Game & VR Studio artists came up with an eye-catching, extraordinary style for many of the game’s enemies and bosses, including Undead Lizard Archer, Gluttonous Baby Dragon, Desert Fairy, and many others.

Our studio was also in charge of creating game backgrounds, UI elements, crafting items, buildings, icons, etc.


After the client’s objectives shifted towards a different market trend and project requirements changed drastically, N-iX Game & VR Studio continued supporting Crazy Labs mainly with our animation services.

Using Spine, our artists brought to life a whole lot of 2D arts of in-game characters. This tool allows artists to create animations by manipulating bones in a character’s skeletal rig, which thus makes an illustration look 3D and alive.


During this project N-iX Game & VR Studio made the following contribution:

  • Developed a unique, memorable art style for the game’s enemies/bosses.
  • Our artists created a whole bunch of different UI elements, crafting items, backgrounds, and buildings.
  • Animated more than 70 game characters using Spine.

Crazy Labs is delighted with the quality of our team performance, and we continue to work together on this project, perfecting the end product.


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