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The traditional methods of teaching and skill improving become outdated with each day and fit poorly into progressive companies’ agenda. In order to solve this issue, Swiss training and consulting company, S-iBA Vision partnered with N-iX Game & VR to develop a VR business training application, VIRTRACON™.

S-iBA Vision


VIRTRACON™ the shortcut for Virtual Training Consultant is a VR application developed for Oculus GO headset, designed to give an opportunity to dive in learning and personal development in any place at any time.  Launching VIRTRACON™ takes the User to the virtual classroom where he, accompanied by the Virtual Trainer Virtra and classmates, has an opportunity to attend the training courses designed by a team of international Trainers with more than 20 years experience in B2B corporate learning and development.

To embody S-iBA Vision innovative methodical approach N-iX Game & VR had to perform following project scope:

  • Develop a full-stack VR system with the client application and backend server.
  • Design standalone lecture editor.
  • Create two Virtual Learning Modules in English and German as a proof of concept.


In order to accomplish S-iBA Vision’s goals, N-iX Game & VR Studio provided end-to-end development of VIRTRACON™ application.

Our team proposed an efficient development plan of the client app using the Unity engine. For the Backend architecture, we choose the next stack of technologies: the apps’ back-end logic will be written on Scala, the Admin Control Panel will be developed on Python using Django framework, and the shared database of Backend and Admin Panel – PostgreSQL.

To speed-up content creation for VIRTRACON™, our team created a standalone VLM Editor with a simple drag and drop interface and visual nodes representing different actions of “Virtual Actors” inside the VIRTRACON™ virtual classroom. VLM Editor allows creating new virtual lectures and courses even if the Designer which uses Editor has no special tech expertise or any programming knowledge.

One of the main requirements of the project was its high immersion; the user should feel as if he was in a real classroom. To achieve this, N-iX Game & VR team developed a voice recognition system based on Google Speech-to-text API. With its help, the user can interact with the Trainer and virtual students using nothing, but his voice. To help the user progress through his mistakes we implemented a self-evaluation system, based on a questionnaire. After finishing each module, the user answers questions regarding the possible points of self-improvement, the recordings of his answers are stored in the cloud, and the user receives the links to these self-evaluation recordings via email.

We paid extra attention to the visual part of VIRTRACON™, our talented artists created a pleasant-looking classroom, leaned on the client’s preferences. Our animation team made several full-body animation sets for NPCs using mocap technology; the facial animation was created using blendshapes and lipsync.

In addition, N-iX Game & VR team created two training modules, based on S-iBA Vision scripts and vocalized them by engaging professional actors.


N-iX Game & VR studio successfully reached S-iBA Vision’s goals by providing end-to-end development of VIRTRACON™. Additionally, our team designed a standalone VLM Editor and Admin Panel for students and content management and provided the Client with detailed guides and manuals for each system delivered.

At this point, S-iBA Vision has successfully completed a couple of test-runs with a few student groups to benchmark the potential of virtual learning before bringing VIRTRACON™ to the broader market.


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