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Silverwear VR Player is a subscription-based service for stereoscopic 360° videos for Oculus Go and PicoVR headsets. For its creation Italian development company, 33MnT was looking for a reliable partner with distinctive expertise in VR application development, so they reached N-iX Game & VR.

Unreal Engine


33MnT came up with the idea to create a Silverwear VR Player, a streaming service designed specifically to view stereoscopic 360° videos. The content available in the service should be divided into Categories (like Elderly, Traveling, Entertainment and so on) and access to each category can be obtained by paying a monthly subscription fee.

The client had a clear vision of the end-product while our team had to solve the following tasks:

  • Develop a multi-platform application. Silverwear VR Player should be available at Oculus Go and Pico VR headsets and be ready to port to other VR platforms.
  • Design online service with offline mode support to make service usable in the regions with a low internet connection.
  • Full-stack application development.
  • Create a few stereoscopic 360° videos for the elderly care category for a proof-of-concept test run.  The first experience should put the user in the middle of the blooming meadow. The second experience is a relaxing boat ride on a tranquil river.


To embody our Client’s business idea N-iX Game & VR team has taken the following steps:

  • UX prototyping. Before writing a single line of code we’ve prepared an interactive UI/UX prototype with design mock-ups to make sure that future product corresponds with its end user’s expectations and needs.
  • Full-Stack development. N-iX team put maximum effort into developing every part of Silverwear VR Player, from its native and straightforward interface to functional and flexible Admin Tool.
  • Architecture evaluation. One of the business requirements was to make sure that Silverwear VR Player service should be able to operate in the areas with a low or unstable Internet connection. To fulfil that requirement we designed an architecture that allowed seamless switch between online and offline modes.
  • Multiplatform support. The client application of the Silverwear service is based on a Unity engine to guarantee service will work on both Oculus Go and Pico VR headsets and can be easily ported to other VR platforms in the future.
  •  Pre-rendered 360° video creation. While developers worked on the service, a dedicated artist worked on creation of the two non-interactive relaxing CG video experiences which also become the first content pieces available through the service. Both experiences were created using Unreal Engine 4 and rendered using only in-house computing powers.


N-iX Game & VR Delivered full-stack development of Selvearwear VR media service, which included: 

  • UX prototyping,
  • development of Client Application for VR headset,
  • development of Backend part,
  • creation of 2 Stereoscopic 360° videos,
  • multiplatform support,
  • offline and online modes.


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