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Norwegian communications agency Ystory contacted N-iX Game & VR Studio to create a Maxbo Teknikk AR-Katalog, a mobile application that makes possible a demonstration of large-sized formwork systems at any time at any place.

Unreal Engine


To achieve the goal set by Ystory, N-iX Game & VR team had to create a mobile context-aware AR mobile application for iOS-based devices, a Maxbo Teknikk AR-Katalog. The app had to contain a highly detailed 3D model of Mammut XT formwork system implemented into AR, to give the end-user a chance to check the functionality of this formwork system in the proper environment, before ordering it.


With the help of Maxbo Teknikk AR-Katalog, Ystory wanted to allow the end-user to see the assembling and disassembling process of the Mammut XT formwork system in the smallest details.

To make it possible, our team used Autodesk Fusion 360 to create a highly detailed 3D model. We worked through every detail of every node, up to the thread on the formwork tie rods.

Our team paid extra attention to the interface of Maxbo Teknikk-AR Katalog by making it simple, concise and consistent.

Additionally, N-iX Game & VR Studio was entirely responsible for submitting Maxbo Teknikk Katalog AR to the App store.


N-iX Game & VR studio created Maxbo Teknikk AR-Katalog, an application that gives the end-user a unique opportunity to check the functionality and estimate how much space will it take to operate Mammut XT formwork system. Ystory highly noted the quality of the delivered application and the amount of attention with which our team approached the task.


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