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Future of Energy is an immersive VR experience developed by Found Object VR in cooperation with N-iX Game & VR Studio. It allows players to travel between time and space, learning how energy is born based on simple physics examples. Led by the calm voice of a narrator, users learn how life is filled with energy and discover alternative ways of getting this vital matter in the future.

Found Object VR


Found Object VR, led by James Taylor, who came up with an idea for Future of Energy, contacted us in search of a studio that could support them with the creation of 3D assets, visual effects, sound effects, and animations. In the past, James was collaborating with Nonny de la Pena, who is often called a Godmother of VR and has grown a solid understanding of how the final experience should look like. Having a technical background and solid expertise with Unity Engine, James decided that implementation of all the assets and building the scenes will be done on the Found Object VR’s side. 

The N-iX team felt very passionate about taking part in such a project, as this would allow us to unlock all our creative potential and take part in a unique experience.


This project was a multi-group effort: a team of artists on our side and a team of Unity developers on the customer side. Both were working in different time zones yet shared the same vision for this project. Together we managed to smoothly coordinate the progress on both sides, dividing responsibilities, exchanging arising issues, and keeping everyone on the same page.

After a series of technical calls our team was able to explore the client’s vision and came up with a list of assets, which needed to be produced. Movies like Interstellar, Gravity, and Martianer were the source of inspiration.

In order to create a mysterious and at the same time attractive atmosphere of presence inside space, our team developed a set of 3D assets, which were then united in a thoroughly written script, accompanied by Sci-Fi soundtracks of our Sound Artist. To bring life into objects we used different Visual Effects and animation, showing a magnificent glowing energy sphere in one scene or a horrifying yet magnetic black hole in another one.

Under the Supervision of our extraordinary customer Jaymes Taylor, all this set of different assets became one living organism, telling a story that makes one think how many things we still do not know about our world.


After a set of positive feedbacks from the client, the implementation of the assets was finished and the final experience was presented in a couple of American Museums for education purposes. Also, NY Times gladly added the material into their VR section. James Taylor has a couple of new educational projects planned for 2021 and he plans to continue the production with N-iX Game & VR Studio.

Our team was able to take part in the unique project which significantly increased our expertise in 3D asset production and VFX areas. We were very pleased when James Taylor advised us as a trustworthy and experienced partner to the Emblematic Company, led by Nonny de la Pena, with whom we are already working on her new educational project.

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