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Saganworks is a developer of embedded and interactive 3D virtual environments that innovate web experience. N-iX Game & VR Studio teamed up with Saganworks to create diverse custom 3D models for their digital spaces.

Art Production


Saganworks company offers an app that allows creating fully-customizable, embedded, and interactive 3D virtual environments called Sagan. They innovate web experiences by allowing businesses to create virtual travel/shopping tours for their customers, where they can interact, inspect, and make educated decisions on purchases just by holding their phone or PC mouse. The app also allows regular users to organize their own comfortable virtual spaces and keep all their important photos, documents, and files there.

Saganworks reached out to N-iX Game & VR Studio following the recommendation of one of our clients. Their virtual spaces require an immense diversity of 3D objects, and our 3D modeling services were exactly what they needed.


With specified requirements, a planned-through pipeline, and in-depth research at hand, we start our 4-stages process of 3D model development.

Stage 1: We create a high-polygon 3D model, without any restriction considering the number of polygons. However, those kinds of 3D objects are too heavy to be used in an app without major performance loss.

Stage 2: That’s why we reduce the number of polygons according to the required detailing level stated by the client. Here it is important to get the maximum possible quality of the model while making it lighter and following the instructions.

Stage 3: Then we proceed with texturing, which implies finding/creating the right material for each object (like stone, wood, metals, fabrics, etc.). The object’s texture will define its transparency, solidity, reflectivity characteristics, and so on.

Stage 4: We send results to the client, and they either approve them or suggest changes if needed.


N-iX Game & VR Studio delivered several dozen 3D models of furniture, electronics, decorations, and other household items that received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the client. What’s more, during our cooperation with Saganworks, we managed to optimize the workflow and achieve maximum results within a short time.


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